Gisele Is Taking Helicopter Flying Lessons (Video)


tom-brady-gisele-john-edwardForget the minivan! Gisele Budchen and Tom Brady are going to be hauling their family around in a helicopter. The pregnant supermodel is currently in the process of getting her helicopter pilot’s license at Marshfield Airport in Massachusetts.

I know that Gisele and Tom are not really into the whole suburban, white picket fence thing (at least Tom has gone on record to say he hates it). Still, wouldn’t a minivan be a lot safer than a freaking helicopter?

Maybe I’m wrong here, but I thought that helicopters tend to be a little bit trickier and more dangerous than even small airplanes. With a baby boy due on Christmas Day, now doesn’t really seem like the most opportune time to be taking helicopter lessons. Right?

Gisele and Tom might take baby Gabriel up in that thing, but I really doubt that Bridget Moynahan is going to let John Brady fly with Gisele at the controls.

But hey, who am I to question a Goodwill Environmental Ambassador. Is helicopter travel green? I seriously doubt it.