Giuliana & Bill Rancic Reveal the Gender of Their Baby-to-Be!


Giuliana and Bill Rancic have been over the moon since they announced back in April that they are expecting via a gestational surrogate — a life-long dream of theirs that is finally coming true.

Earlier on Sunday, June 17th, the couple hosted a baby shower in Los Angles with their closest friends and family and according to E! Online, they also revealed the gender of their baby-to-be!

The E! News host and her husband shared treats and conversations with their closest friends in honor of Baby Rancic, but the main event appeared to be an exciting gender reveal!

So, will Baby Rancic be a girl or a boy?

“We are beyond excited to be having a little boy,” says Bill. Giuliana adds “We are so ready for everything that comes with being a new mom and dad!”

Sounds like the color blue, baseball and dirty fingers will be in their future as the couple awaits the safe arrival of their little boy.

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