Giuliana Rancic Enduring 60 Shots a Month to Get Pregnant Via IVF

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Bill & Giuliana Rancic discuss IVF

Bill and Giuliana Rancic have been very open about their struggle to conceive, their heartbreaking miscarriage and the emotions that go along with the harrowing IVF process.

“The good news is that IVF did work as we did get pregnant,” Giuliana said at the launch of the new Volkwagon EOS in Santa Monica on Tuesday. “Sometimes I have to get [injections] 21 days in a row, three times a day,” Giuliana revealed. “It’s a lot. But you’ve got to do it.”

Husband Bill gets only high marks from his wife on his technique. “Bill could honestly be on Grey’s Anatomy,” Giuliana said. “He could be McRancic.”

Bill agreed: “I give a pretty good shot.”

If all else fails, the Rancics say they’re open to other options — and even have volunteers among their fans.

“We’ve gotten probably 40 women who have offered to be surrogates,” Giuliana said. “And the other day I got an email saying, ‘My niece is having a baby, and she’s giving it up for adoption and we’d like to give it up to you.”

While the couple isn’t ready for such options yet, they say the support is much appreciated. “It’s just amazing how many people are incredibly generous and so giving,” Giuliana said.