Giuliana Rancic Shows Us Her Very Skinny Frame, Plus New Pics Of Duke (Photos)


We all know Giuliana loves to look fabulous, but WOW has she stepped up her game lately. The reality television star and celebrity mom recently showed us some new pics of her cutting edge style on her Instagram account, plus some adorable photos of her perfect family life, which, of course, include her husband Bill Rancic and their son Duke.

Now, while I absolutely love Giuliana (she’s one of my favorite celebrity moms), I’ll say this: how about you go on a date night at one of your favorite Chicago area or L.A. locales, have the biggest burger on the menu, and guzzle as much wine as you need to. You DESERVE it, girl. In fact, all the moms out there deserve to just break loose and enjoy themselves once in a while. I think I read an internet meme that once said: “My jeans tell me that I need to go to the gym, but my sweatpants say no girl, you’re okay.” LOL. True story!

Check out our photos from Giuliana’s Instagram account below, and let us know what you think!

Photos via Instagram

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