Giuliana Rancic Takes Baby Duke On Her Valentines Day Dinner


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Giuliana Rancic has always been one to say “marriage before baby” and while I agree with her to a certain degree (because a happy marriage does help in making a happy family), I was rather surprised to see that she brought along her son Duke on her Valentine’s Day dinner date with her husband, Bill Rancic.

I mean, on a night that most parents want to just get away from the kids (cough * cough), Giuliana and Bill did the opposite and brought along their little tyke for what many consider to be the most romantic night of the year. While I love their change of approach here, it’s also great to see them celebrating Valentine’s Day as a family.

Oh Giuliana Rancic, no matter what your critics say, I still think you can do no wrong! And from what we can tell in this pic, it looks like the entire family had a wonderful time, too. And might I just add that this is one VERY good looking celebrity family as well? Talk about good genes!

Tell us Babble readers, how did you spend your Valentine’s Day? Did you make it a date with your significant other or was it a family affair?

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