Giuliana Rancic Wants Her Son Duke To Respect Women, Talks More Babies


giuliana1About a month ago, celebrity mom Giuliana Rancic controversially stated that she puts her marriage in front of her baby and how she tries to balance the two very important factors in her life. A lot of her fans and blog commentators were up in arms over her words, saying that they would never be able to take a mommy and daddy only vacation without their baby (or even their pre-teen!), and that there might be a hint of selfishness in Giuliana’s words.

While I completely understand where Giuliana is coming from (she does have a point when she says that your marriage and husband both need nurturing), but I’m not sure if I’m that type of mom who can leave my babies at home for a week if I didn’t have to (I’d miss them too much! They are my babies after all). In a new interview with Splash Magazine, Giuliana reiterates her marriage  before baby stance again by saying:

“Your marriage is the first example of a relationship that your child is exposed to. Bill and I are always kissing and holding hands and loving on each other in front of our child, and I think that’s so important for [Duke] to see. I want him to respect women. We never want to lose our marriage or ourselves. We made a vow, and we plan on keeping it.”

She also adds that while she would love to have another child, her ultimate goal is to have her own talk show with her husband Bill in Chicago. What do you guys think of Giuliana’s thoughts on this?

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