Giuliana Rancics Husband Bill Shares Pic Of Their Little Lady Killer


It’s official: Giuliana Rancic has the cutest little boy in the celebrity world! Her husband Bill recently shared this adorable photo of their son Duke who if you ask me is going to be a lady killer one day (just look at those eyes!).

In the pic, Duke has on a shirt that says, “Sorry girls, I only date models.” Well, even if he does have a preference for models, I’m sure his mother is going to make an exception one day if he falls in love with a reality television star or celebrity news host if that should happen, too. Ha!

In addition, Bill also shared a sweet photo of him and Giuliana getting dinner to go at Chicago Hotspot RMP Italian Restaurant. Because where else would you go if you couldn’t get a babysitter for the night, right? LOL. Check out our photos below!



Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 4.11.09 PM

Photos via Instagram 

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