Giveaway: Plush Squaredy Cats!

Gund Squaredy Cats
Enter to win 5 Squaredy Cats

Squaredy Cats are about personality, mood and expression. Now the Squaredy Cats image is popular on Facebook and Twitter, and they’re coming to life with a new line of plush from GUND.

Squaredy Cats offer fun and whimsical statements of courage and pride, designed for unique self-expression. Each Squaredy Cat has its own theme, and it plays off the phrase “scaredy cat.”

What I love, is that they evoke self-esteem and empower young people with confidence to show what they are not “squared” to do.

“Not squared to be sweet.”

“Not squared to ride the wave.””

With an introduction of eight different cats, GUND Squaredy Cats make it easy for everyone to find a Squaredy Cat they can relate to.

Don’t miss out on this Babble giveaway! Post “Squaredy Cats!” on Babble’s Celebrity Facebook page by midnight tonight to enter to win a set of five Squaredy Cats.

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