Glee Britney Episode: What Did Britney Spears Think Of It?

Britney Spears
Britney Spears Loved Glee Britney Episode

Britney Spears let all of her fans know that she would indeed be tuning in for Glee Season 2 Episode 2, a.k.a. the Glee Britney Epiosde by posting on Twitter:

“Getting ready to watch GLEE!  I’ll be tweeting along with the episode. -Brit”

As I sat there and watched the show last night, I couldn’t help but wonder what Britney thought of the Glee cast’s tribute to her. Judging from other tweets she posted throughout the night, I’d say that she was pretty pleased with the whole thing.

The pop star and mom loved Heather Morris’s portrayal of her, and said that “she was fun to work with and really sweet in person.” Brit even commented that she knew that it was tough carrying a snake around in the “Slave For You” video. She thought Heather did a great job with the slithering giant!

Spears was also impressed with Artie’s version of “Stronger”, and thought that the Glee version of “TOXIC” was “amazing.”

She said that the “Baby” video really brought back memories, and thought that Lea Michele sounded beautiful singing it.

In a message to the Glee cast, Brit said of the episode, “I loved it! Thank you guys SO  much for making this happen!”

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