A Gleeful White House Easter Egg Roll


glee-fox-showThis year’s annual White House Easter Egg Roll, scheduled for Monday, April 5, will be full of Glee this year. Literally. The Golden Globe-winning cast has been personally invited to perform by First Lady Michelle Obama. And, well, who can refuse that request?

Like many of us, the First Lady and her girls are huge fans, and the producer juggled the schedule a bit to ensure the cast’s attendance.  If you’re not a loyal follower yet, see all your family can learn from the musical program.

This year’s Easter Egg Roll theme is “Ready, Set, Go!” promoting health and wellness, mirroring the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” childhood obesity awareness campaign. And get moving they will: The unstoppable Glee clan outdid Lady Gaga on the UK musical charts, so look for them to outshine even the Easter Bunny.

Want tickets to the event?  Learn how here.

Source: / MSNBC

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