Glee Creator Ryan Murphy Feels Like Dad On Set, Has Crazy Rule For Cast


When you work with a bunch of people in their early 20’s you’re sure to feel like the parental figure. Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee, has copped to this, saying he feels like dad on set.

He may just be taking that patriarchal feeling too far with one rule: The cast is not allowed to have sex in their trailers!

We’ve heard a lot about how hard the kids on Glee work. They have to rehearse new song and dance numbers each week and their hours are insane, eating into their personal life and making this rule seem like it would be the toughest thing to contend with.

The cast is all of legal age with the youngest, Chris Colfer (Kurt), being 20 years old. Why did Ryan set up this rule?

Ryan  tells Britain’s Heat Magazine that the order was intended to stamp out romances between the young actors since it  could lead to serious problems between the cast.

“I’ve certainly dated people I’ve worked with and, you know, when you work on a set for 18 hours a day I think it’s natural. But I have a rule: don’t do it in your trailer. They’ve broken that rule on many occasions. I’m like, ‘I know you guys are young and hormonal, but don’t do it in your trailer’. I’m the dad, that’s what I say’.”

Ryan won’t say who has broken the rule, but Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale, who play Tina Cohen-Chang and Artie Abrams, have been spotted out together looking very cozy. Just saying.


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