Glee Does Sectionals - Top Lines From Tonight's Glee!


It was another fantastic Glee episode tonight and the funny one-liners were flying yet again!  We got to see our favorite Glee club prepare for  sectionals, saw Mr Shue get his heart broken, Kurt become a ‘Warbler’ and got to see the Glee kids sing some of my favorite songs!  I mean, how awesome were they singing Florence and the Machine?!? 

But it’s the awesome writing that makes me love the show so much.  Here’s a listing of some of my favorite lines from tonight’s Glee!

  • I know I’m more talented than all of you, Britney Spears taught me that
  • Just like I know that the cricket that reads to me at night is totally stealing my jewellery
  • I like to say badassador
  • Have you been working out your arms seem bigger.  It’s the steroids
  • You are as brilliant and talented as you are irritating
  • We’re sorry Mr. Shue.  We heard the news about Miss Pillsbury marrying the finest dentist alive
  • My dad’s went to couples counselling because one of them put up wallpaper in the den and they said that it was the only thing that kept them from killing each other
  • If we lose, we should throw possums
  • You look like a cheerleader zombie corpse
  • You haven’t noticed her ignoring you lately?  Not really, it’s shark week
  • Why would I cheat on you – is this a mad lib?
  • I’m not nervous.  You know why? Because show choir is stupid

 I can’t wait for Glee to go all Christmas-y on us!

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