Glee Kurt and Blaine Kiss: Too Hot for TV or Sweet First Kiss?

Glee kurt blaine kiss darren criss chris colfer
Glee's Kurt and Blaine share their first kiss!

The Glee Kurt and Blaine kiss has finally arrived… but was it too hot for TV? Or a totally sweet first kiss?

No doubt, there will be plenty saying that the Glee gay kiss between Kurt and Blaine is just too racy for primetime, but I know Glee fans are all on board for a Klaine relationship.

I personally thought it was totally sweet. But I’m a total Gleek too and couldn’t wait for Kurt and Blaine (Chris Colfer and Darren Criss) to get together and share a kiss.

What did you think of Kurt and Blaine’s first kiss on Glee? How freaking adorable is Darren Criss, by the way?

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Watch Kurt and Blaine kiss (video):