Glee's Kurt Goes From Never Been Kissed to Lucky In Love! (Video)

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Glee's Kurt Locks Lips with Blaine

It should have been one of those moments that was hyped through the roof.  On any other show it would have justified “special episode” credits.  Yet on Glee Kurt’s first kiss with Blaine was just part of the story.

That’s right Glee has finally taken its gay storyline to a whole new level with Blaine declaring himself “moved” by Kurt’s performance of Blackbird.  He was moved enough to  lock lips with his BFF and rachet up their love story to the type of moment that will change tv going forward.  It was in the subtly that Glee proved it’s lasting impact on network tv.  Gay teens can kiss — it’s no big deal.

Earlier this season the mere thought that the duo might get close enough to kiss started making some folks uncomfortable.  The fears of the impact of a gay love story didn’t seem to phase the hit show that has taken pride in pushing conventional boundaries by embracing the realities of today’s teens.   (It was Kurt’s unwanted kiss last fall that brought him to Blaine and the Warblers.)

Congratulations to Glee for taking Kurt’s first big kiss with Blaine seriously and proving that it’s really no big deal!

See Kurt’s first kiss below and check back later for video of Kurt and Blaine’s first kiss!

Photo: Fox