Glee Season 2 - Are You Ready for Britney Spears? Hit Me Baby One More Time! (Video)


britney spears gleeAre you ready? Uh huh.  Britney Spears is ready to show off her inner Gleek!

The much anticipated Britney Spears episode of Glee is set to air next week!  We were given an itty bitty glance at this season’s first guest star – Britney – during the Glee Season 2 premiere last night. 

Straight from “Are you ready?” to Sue’s questioning “Is your Glee Club doing Britney Spears music?” our answer is a resounding YES! 

The episode features how much the popstar has influenced the kids at William McKinley High and their fight against “the man” to be able to perform her music. 

“Through a special substance, I go under and have a couple of dream sequences — not only myself, but with Santana [Naya Rivera],” Glee star Heather Morris reveals. “A lot of it has to do with Will [Matthew Morrison] not allowing us to perform Britney Spears songs, because he doesn’t agree with what kind of entertainer she is, so it’s our fight to do Britney. But it’s not just us doing Britney in show choir; there are other sequences — it’s our homage to her.”

Personally I can’t wait to see Britney mix it up with her fellow Gleeks!

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