Glee Sneak Peak: Watch Kurt Get His Groove On With the Warblers (Video)



It’s official  Kurt is a Warbler! 

Tonight’s episode of Glee marks a coming of age for Glee fan favorite Kurt as he walks out of the comfy chorus room at McKinley High and into the hallowed halls of the more tolerant Dalton Academy.  The change of schools also moves Kurt out of the ranks of Gleek into the world of the Warblers. 

Watch Glee’s Kurt perform with the Dalton Academy Warblers….


In this new sneak peak we can see Kurt get his groove on with the Warblers singing Hey Soul Sister  featuring the yummy Darren Criss.   While the performance is charming, it’s just not the Glee club we all know and love.  All the acceptance is sweet, but the diversity at McKinley High is what truly makes the show sing.

What do you think of Kurt’s first performance with the Warblers?