Glee Tackles Bullies, Chris Colfer (Kurt) Talks Real Life Experiences


Chris Colfer, who plays gay student Kurt on the popular musical TV show Glee, was bullied in his pre-fame high school days. Now that he is famous and admired by the masses, he is using that experience to lend others hope.

“Glee” will air it’s anti-bullying episode tomorrow and Chris believes it will be “important,” and “mean so much more than it was intended to” in light of recent headlines.

Chris character has been shoved into lockers, thrown into garbage cans and had himself doused in slushies. “The bullying just reaches a peak,” Chris says of this week’s episode. “Kurt gets fed up with it and stands up for himself for the first time. Rather than let this continue, he decides to put his foot down. He’s not going to have it anymore. He’s going to confront this bully and . . .”

We’ll just have to see what happens. Chris tells the NY Post that in real life, he used witty comebacks to stop his bullies. “I remember one time someone screamed ‘fag’ at me in the hallway, and I screamed back, ‘Yeah, but can you spell it?’ Everyone in the hallway laughed at the other kid; it was nice to reverse the abuse.”