Glee Takes a Walk on the Wild Side - Sexy Is Not for Kids!! (Video)

glee sexy
Glee Sexy Too Hot for Kids

Glee is taking a walk on the wild side tonight with their risque episode titled Sexy.   While Glee is one of the shows that we routinely watch as a family every Tuesday, this week we were met with a warning that “Viewer Discretion Is Advised”.  That’s the type of warning we expect when we watch Bones or Criminal Minds or even American Idol on a particularly racy Steven Tyler Night.  It’s not what we expect when we turn on the family friendly Glee. 

If you are a dedicated Gleek, tonight is the night to DVR your favorite show and watch it after the kids are asleep.  While they take a PG-13 approach to the subject of sex with the help of substitute health teacher Gwyneth Paltrow, the episode is definitely not intended for younger viewers. 

The best part of the episode has been Kurt doing his best to look sexy!!