Glee Vs. Rocky Horror Picture Show It's A Time Warp! Then & Now VIDEOS


Glee ROcky Horror

When you think cult classic one of the first films that comes to mind is the uber popular and beloved Rocky Horror Picture Show. This 1975 musical starring a very young Susan Sarandon has inspired countless Halloween costumes, midnight movie escapes and maybe even transgender experimentation. Yes, it’s been very influential, to a certain generation that is. The current high school demographic isn’t as well versed in the ways of Rocky Horror, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Riff Raff and Magenta….until now.

This week’s Glee has taken on Rocky Horror Picture Show. From the glam, the glitz, the fishnets, the Glee kids got in touch with their inner raunch and embraced the songs and style of this 35 year old classic. A time warp indeed. So how doe the Glee kids Time Warp style compare to the original? Check out below and see for yourself. What do you think?


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