Glenn Beck: The Revolution Has Begun

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Glenn Beck Says The Revolution Has Begun.

Fox News personality Glenn Beck has recently been in the news when it comes to the whole Wikileaks debacle. But, now Beck is claiming that a revolution has begun and America is about to be taken over!

If you make your way over to, you can view today’s video by Beck who tries to drill into the minds of Americans, that there are 7 ways to get control of our country and it is all underway.

He claims that one must: control the financial sector, control healthcare, control the industry, control military, grow dependents, control media, and control food prices. He says our only hope is the military who are unable to be controlled.

So who is trying to take over America? That I am not sure of exactly. I’ve never been a huge fan of Glenn Beck. Check out the video and see if you can decipher his point of view. (Video)

How do you feel about it?

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