GMA Chris Brown Meltdown: Why Are People Surprised?

gma chris brown meltdown
GMA Meltdown by Chris Brown? Surprised?

After a GMA interview this morning, Chris Brown flipped out at the Good Morning America studios. What I want to know is WHY ARE PEOPLE SO SURPRISED?

Chris Brown waited until the interview was over before flying into a rage on the set of Good Morning America.  Brown smashed a window, ripped his shirt off and stormed off the set.

In February, Chris Brown was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. I wrote a post here on Famecrawler titled Chris Brown on SNL: It’s Cool to Abuse Women? I received many hateful comments and ugly remarks from Chris Brown fans after that post was published!  I got ripped because I wasn’t buying that Brown was “cured” of his abusive, violent behavior.

The point of my post was that lifelong violent behavior doesn’t change overnight. I believe that people can change.  But it takes a lot of work and years of treatment.

Chris Brown could have killed his girlfriend Rihanna.  Brown wants everyone to forget about “the incident” but this is the same guy who beat a woman (Rihanna) with enough brute force to potentially “result in death and great bodily injury”!

Naturally Brown took to Twitter to vent about his mistreatment on GMA. Read some of Chris Brown’s tweets.

Go here to watch the video of Chris Brown on GMA.