Go Smile Freebies: Site Overwhelmed By Traffic From The View!

go smile photo
Go Smile freebies featured on The View

Did you watch all those free deals on “The View” today? One of them was Go Smile, a new speed whitening system for teeth that supposedly will erase stains in an instant. is giving away some full-sized touch-ups when you sign up for the company’s newsletter.

However, you’re going to have some trouble getting on the site I think every other mom in the world who was watching Barbara, Whoopi and Co. this morning is trying to log on, because it’s darn near impossible to do it. (The same thing happened with some “Today” deals a couple weeks ago you’d think these companies would try to be ready for the traffic surge!)

Give it a try anyway here’s the link. Have you tried this product? Does it work?



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