Go Smile Tooth Whitening - Is It Safe?

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Go Smile - A New Tooth Whitening Product

In the narsicistic world that we live in, everyone has either dabbled with or spotted a tooth whitening kit in the local supermarket. Today, The View promoted a new product, Go Smile, and nearly crashed the site with all the swarming viewers who are now curious of the tooth whitener. The question remains though – is it safe?

The GO SMILE system works by applying a serum containing hydrogen peroxide directly to the enamel, or outer surface, of the teeth. Because the tooth surface is porous, the serum seeps into the tiny pores to reach the deeper dentin layer where stains from food, drinking and smoking accumulate over time. The peroxide chemically bonds with the stains and causes them to become colorless, visibly whitening the teeth.

GO SMILE is different from most home whitening products in that it does not use a dental tray or coated strips to hold the gel to the tooth surface while the serum seeps into the tooth enamel. It uses phototherapy to accelerate the whitening process through its patented Ampoule Technology. The light is shone onto the teeth for three 10-minute sessions.

The Carbamide peroxide often found in other whitening products may cause damage to the gums. GO SMILE does not contain this ingredient.

Tooth whiteners should not be used by children under 16 years of age or women who are pregnant or lactating.

Do you use tooth whitening products?