God Of Love Short Film: Luke Matheny Surprise Winner


The God of Love took home the Oscar for live action short film on Sunday night at the Academy Awards. Luke Matheny, a surprise winner, is a graduate student in New York University’s film program. 

Matheny is the writer, director, and star of God of Love, which is on odd 18-minute short film. This film was his student thesis in the graduate film program at NYU.  God of Love is about a jazz singer who performs amazing dart tricks on stage.

Obviously out of his comfort zone, the grad student was excited to be on the red carpet before the Oscars telecast, and said that he was “standing behind Robert Downey Jr, trying to get on TV.”

Matheny looked as he took the stage when his name was announced for winning live action short and even voiced what everybody else in the crowd and home viewers were thinking: “I should’ve got a haircut.”

Saturday night, Matheny sent out a message on his Facebook page to friends and family. “I sent out a link that said, ‘This is how I feel,’ and it was a clip from the end of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ So that summed up what this experience has been like.”

Congratulations Luke! I’m sure you’ll have a long career in the biz!