Gold Diggers: 12 Celebrity Parents And Their Kids Caught In the Act (Photos)

Not Posh: What would Harper Seven say?

Here’s another one that goes into the “they’re just like us” file:  celebrity parents and their kids caught in the act being busy with their noses.  We might chastise our own children for doing it in public, but at least our little tykes aren’t snapped doing the deed by paparazzi cameras everywhere they go.

It’s just as bad as thumb-sucking, hair twirling, and pointing in public, but if you’re nickname is Posh, we’d think you would know better!

Call it allergies or a case of the common cold, but we’ll call it like we see it.  With cameras shooting them at every angle, we’d think these celebrity parents would be a little more careful with their gold digging.

Check out our slide show of celebrity parents and their children in pictures they wish weren’t taken.  (The next time your 3-year-old is caught picking their nose, remember that they’re no different than Johnny Depp, Brooke Shields, or Matt Damon!)


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    Rap star and mom Kelis
  • 2 of 12
    Malibu dad Tommy Lee
  • 3 of 12
    Matt Damon
  • 4 of 12
    Brooke Shields
  • 5 of 12
    Victoria Beckham
  • 6 of 12
    Suri Cruise
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    New dad Orlando Bloom
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    No gold there! Barron Trump with his parents
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    Suri Cruise with mom Katie Holmes
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    Michael Douglas with daughter Carys
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    Kingston and Zuma's dad, Gavin Rossdale
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    Johnny Depp

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