Golden Globe Darlings: 18 Celebrities Who Have Been Nominated over 7 Times!


On Thursday, the 2014 Golden Globe nominations were announced. And while there were a few surprises such as American Hustle and 12 Years a Slave leading the nominations, there were few shockers in terms of what actors and actresses were nominated … again.

This year saw so many names that habitually pop up year after year in nomination lists. Some of these stars have been named two, three, and even twenty-eight, yes TWENTY-EIGHT times!

Check out these 18 actors and actresses (nominated this year) who have been nominated for Golden Globes seven times or more. Do you think they should spread the love more in their nominations or are these performers just THAT good?

And check out the complete list of the 2014 Golden Globe nominees at the LA Times!

Photo Sources: PR Photos

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