Golden Globes 2011: Audience Laughs At Justin Bieber?

golden globes 2011 justin bieber
Golden Globes 2011: Justin Bieber Laughed At?

The Golden Globe Awards 2011 got underway about an hour ago, and we’ve seen some awesome stars so far! Though the bigger awards at the Golden Globes usually don’t get announced until closer to the end of the show, there have still been some fun moments.

A few minutes ago, Justin Bieber presented the award for Best Animated Film alongside True Grit actress, Hailee Steinfeld. As he walked out on stage with her, laughter could be heard from the audience. Did the crowd laugh at Justin Bieber at the Golden Globes? And if they did, why were they laughing?

If I had to guess, the audience was chuckling about the fact that Hailee Steinfeld towered over Justin Bieber, making him look even younger than his mere 16 years. He definitely would’ve looked better next to girlfriend Selena Gomez…but so far she hasn’t been seen with him tonight.

Was I hearing things…or did the Golden Globe audience really laugh at Justin Bieber?

Photo: PRPhotos