Golden Globes Winner The Social Network With Fabulous Advice for Our Daughters


At the Golden Globes 2011, “The Social Network” won for Screen Play- Motion Picture. No real surprise there, since “The Social Network” was a favorite in the Golden Globe nominees.

Aaron Sorkin the social network
Aaron Sorkin has words of wisdom for his daughter at the Golden Globes

But, was surprising was Aaron Sorkin’s message to his daughter during his acceptance speech. A positive message.

Celebs can sometimes set a bad example for young girls because they see this image of perfection that they think they can’t ever achieve.  Even us moms, who should know better, look at the celebs on the Golden Globes red carpet and feel a little bad about ourselves.

But, Aaron Sorkin took a different spin on it.  He thanked the Golden Globe Nominees for teaching his daughter that elite is not a bad word but an aspirational one. He said  “Honey, look around; smart girls have more fun and you’re one of them.”

What a fabulous message to our daughters!

Source: PRPhotos