Goldie Hawn Gives Kate Some Dating Advice



Would you want your daughter dating A-Rod? Goldie Hawn is allegedly asking daughter Kate Hudson to take it slow in her new relationship with the Yankees’ third baseman.

Goldie feels it’s high time Kate settled down and left the dating scene behind for a while,”

“Kate’s had a string of boyfriends since her divorce from Chris Robinson and it’s always the same pattern she falls hard and fast, then gets bored or has her heart broken. Goldie hates the idea of seeing Kate getting hurt again.”

In the less than two years since her divorce with Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson, Kate’s hooked up with major celebs like Owen Wilson, Lance Armstrong, and now A-Rod.

Should Kate follow her mother’s advice and just chill out for a bit and focus on the fam?

While celebrity flings sound like a hell of a good time, dating can be really hard on all the kids involved. One day, 5 and a half year-old Ryder Russel is bonding with A-Rod and his daughters, then all of the sudden: bam, it’s over.

There’s no word yet on how involved the children are in this whirlwind celebrity romance, but hopefully Kate and A-Rod aren’t taking things too fast in that regard. There’s no reason to think that there’s something magical between Kate and A-Rod just yet.


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