Goldie Hawn To Bring Buddhism To British Children?


goldie-hawn-picture-1Goldie Hawn may be getting British children to chant “ohm” in the near future. A political party in the UK has asked her to help build schools similar to the ones she runs in the US. Hawn created The Hawn Foundation, which teaches kids Buddhist techniques.

Goldie said: “We need to rethink our whole approach to classroom education, integrating neuroscience with the latest social and emotional learning techniques.

“A peaceful, happy child is the first step towards a peaceful world.”

Conservative education secretary Michael Gove said: “We are meeting to discuss how she might be able to help education here. We need more new schools outside local authority control to challenge the bureaucratic monopoly. Some parents would want a rigorous traditional academic education for their children with desks neatly marshalled and traditional football.

“Others will want something that is more flexible, more imaginative.”

I have never heard of her schools but I like the concept. Would you consider having your child study Buddhism at school?