Goodbye 'Today Show,' Meredith Viera's Next Move: It Involves Her Kids!

meredith viera, today show
Meredith Viera leaves the 'Today Show.' What's next?

Meredith Viera signed off of The Today Show this morning (June 8) after five years of co-anchoring the wake-up chat fest. But now that she has gone, many are wondering what her next move will be.

Viera insists that she will not join another show anytime soon if ever. But I took it upon myself to concoct some suggestions of my own for the face of morning television.

1. Her own show on OWN focusing on the severe problems in our education system. Think Waiting For Superman, but on a television level. It could be a periodical piece and it would grant her more time with her family.

2. A reality show ala Kate Plus 8. This would give Viera the opportunity to care for her husband, spend time with her children, and maintain her fanbase.

3. Wait five years and come back stronger than ever with your very own day-time syndicated talk show. Forget Katie Couric. You’re the one to watch!

What do you think? What should Meredith Viera do next?

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