Google Corporate Logo Replaced With Google Doodle for Holiday

google doodle st basils cathedral up on the housetop scenes interactive
Google Doodle: St. Basil's Cathedral, Up on the Housetop and more!

The Google corporate logo has been replaced by a Holiday Google Doodle on its homepage today. The holiday “Google Doodle” will be in place until Christmas Day, December 25th!

The holiday inspired Google Doodle has taken a considerable amount of time to achieve and the artists behind the holiday Google doodle have been working since July to create the design. Michael Lopez, Google’s chief doodler and his team of five artists took a total of 250 hours spanning over five months to create the holiday Google doodle, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The holiday Google doodle has 17 framed illustrations that depict scenes from around the world. If you hover your mouse on any of the beautiful illustrations, they open up to real a full size image. Users can click through for a search page related to that image.

The Holiday Google doodle features St. Basil’s Cathedral, Up on the Housetop and other holiday images from around the globe. Check out the complete list of artwork in the Google doodle and enjoy!