Google Doodle: The Christmas Google Doodle


Have you seen the new Google Doodle? It is all set for the Christmas holiday!

This year, Google has changed their doodle several times. It started out as a joke with just a slight change and now there have been bouncing balls, John Lennon-inspired, a Thanksgiving doodle, and even Pac-Man.

The Christmas doodle has seventeen different frames.  It was the work of six different artists and over 250 hours of work after six months of planning. All that for a google doodle? Wow! No wonder they chose to show off their doodle today instead of waiting for Christmas day, when many will offline spending time with their families instead of on their computers.

Google was trying to appeal to their very large and diverse audience, so they had the challenge of coming up with a doodle that celebrates the season without getting into religious overtones.   If you mouse over each image, you can see each in greater detail: there is Santa making a delivery, a holiday meal, and various holiday scenes from around the world.

It’s a bright and cheery send off to 2010!