Gordon Ramsay Family Feud: Being Sued by Father-in-Law

Gordon Ramsay being sued by father-in-law
Gordon Ramsay being sued by father-in-law

Gordon Ramsay’s father-in-law is fighting back after his very public firing last month, by suing the celebrity chef for £2 million.

Chris Hutcheson, 62, is seeking damages for unfair dismissal from his position as CEO Gordon Ramsay Holdings.   The father of Gordon’s wife Tana, has hired law firm Schillings to take action against his son-in-law, who called him a ‘dictator’ in a letter made public earlier this week.

Meanwhile, the chef, 44, is alleged to have also removed his brother-in-law Adam, 39, and his son Christopher, 20, from GRH, said to be in debt £17 million.

Earlier this week, Gordon claimed in an open letter that his in-laws have cut off ties with him and wife Tana because of his decision.

What a family feud!  It’s very sad actually… reminds me of the feud between Paul Teutul Jr. and Sr. on American Chopper.  It’s unfortunate that they can’t work out their issues, but often doing business with family is not the best idea.

The family drama has been unfolding since Hutcheson, who owns a 29 per cent stake in the family firm, was fired in October.  Ramsay blasted him in an open letter addressed to his mother-in-law Greta, in which he condemned Chris’ ‘very complex life.’

‘The whole family is upset with Gordon. It is just not fair on us. My husband used to work for Gordon’s company as Chris Hutcheson’s number two,” Adam’s wife Adelaide said.

‘But now he has been suspended, my poor 19-year-old boy who also worked for him was sacked. It makes me so angry to think Gordon sacked them all on the same day.’

Christopher, who worked in administration for the three years at Gordon Ramsay Holdings, added: ‘The family is falling apart, It’s so upsetting.’

Ramsay’s savaging letter, published in the Evening Standard, came days after he had vowed not comment publicly on the ‘private family matter.’

I think Ramsay’s next TV show should be called, “Gordon Ramsay Family Nightmare”.

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