Gosselin Divorce: Jon Says Mady & Cara Upset But Sextuplets Don't Care



In more of the he said-she said saga between Jon and Kate Gosselin, the reality TV father insists his children were not “wailing and sobbing” when they learned their TLC show was possibly ending as Kate said.  He said the kids didn’t even get upset when they were told of the divorce, so why would they care about the show being over?


“You know why? Because when we told them we were going to get divorced, the 5-year old said, ‘What’s for lunch?’ The only two people who really cared with [9-year-old twins] Mady and Cara,” Jon says in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight. “Cara broke down and Mady said, ‘Oh, I saw this coming.'”

When breaking the news to them about the reality show ending, Jon, 32, said Kate, 34, probably told them:  “‘Oh, daddy’s put a halt on filming. Your friends are going to go away.'”

Added Jon, “She probably worded it in a way that’s a violation to them, or their sense of security.”

In a separate interview with The Insider, Jon stressed again his need to end the show.

“I don’t care if [my kids] hate me, because I know what is best for my kids,” he said. I will pull them off [the show].”

Do you believe him?  Do you really think Jon wants the show to end because he’s thinking of his kids or is it just another ploy to get the public on his side?