Gosselin Eight Confused And Acting Up!


Kate Gosselin

The eight Gosselin children – twins, Mady and Cara, 9, and the sextuplets, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel, 5 – are reportedly confused and upset and have started acting out, according to a source.  Is it any wonder?

With Jon and Kate’s fighting and not always keeping it private ever, the children are suffering.  Big surprise, right?

A source said, “They are confused and distraught and are acting out all the time in an effort to get attention from their parents.”

The insider reveals that neither Jon or Kate are spending much time with the kids.

“She barely talks to them.  The nannies are doing 95 percent of the work.  Kate has a short attention span, and everything upsets her.”

The pal added that Jon “can’t stay at home with them.  He gets annoyed when they interrupt him when he’s on the phone.”

Jon and Kate really, really, really need to get their acts together!  The kids (and probably Jon and Kate) should be in therapy.  Family therapy.  Something.  It’s not too late, but they need to stop the public bickering (and in front of the children) and put them first.