Gosselin-Free Issue Of Life & Style Hits Newsstands


kate-gosselin-jon-gosselin-cancelled-219x3001If  Jon and Kate refuse to stop subjecting their family to an unhealthy dose of media attention, maybe the tabloids will do it for them. At least one magazine is going to risk it. This week’s issue of Life & Style is being marketed as the only Gosselin-free zone in the tabloid universe. Will it pay off?

Maybe so, but L&S editors reportedly didn’t put out a “Gosselin-free” issue for purely moral or financial reasons.

Apparently, they ran a poll of 1,000 of their readers, and 94% said that they were completely sick of reading about Jon or Kate or any of their kids (let’s face it, nobody really wants to read about the kids anyway). Says editor Dan Wakeford:

“We believe, for the sake of their children, they need some time to solve their problems behind closed doors.”

I call major BS on that statement. This is obviously a stunt to get more publicity for the magazine — which they are getting, and deservedly so. They’re listening to their readers and responding, good.

Are the Gosselins really bad for magazine sales? Don’t think so. That’s the reason every tabloid and news outlet covers them week after week, month after month (do you really think writers like writing about the Gosselins?).

Yes, we may hate them, but we still like to know what’s going on. It’s like slowing down to look at a car accident as we drive by.