Gosselin Kids Tour Alaska...In Kate-Friendly Uniforms


kate gosselin alaska

Kate Gosselin, kids, and two bodyguards hit the Alaska Zoo during a break from filming Kate Plus 8 in the far North state. Is it just me, or are the Gosselins are starting to look like The Brady Bunch, with all of their trip-themed episodes and photo-ops? These particular Gosselin photos were shot in Anchorage, where the zoo features a kid-friendly petting zoo, plus, naturally, a polar bear.

What’s most interesting about these pictures?

Famecrawler’s hilarious commenters recently called out Jon Gosselin for dressing the kids — gasp! — not in matching clothes while they were under his care. Back on Kate’s watch, the eight tots are once again in uniform. The younger girls wore jeans, white hoodies, and pink vests, the boys sported jeans and orange/brown vests, and the older girls were wearing light blue coats. Amazingly, Cara and Mady were allowed to wear different pants from each other (one wore jeans, the other khakis). Is Kate losing her touch?

gosselins alaska


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