Gosselin Kids Ask "Are You My Mother?"


Kate GosselinWell if this isn’t the saddest thing I ever heard. The Gosselin kids are so confused by all the ruckus and change in their house they think the nanny is their new mom.

Divorce can be scary, but a lot of times if the mom and dad are there to help the kids work through the changes, it’s not as rough.
In an interview with Life & Style magazine the family nanny, Stephanie Santoro, said this:

Cara, one of the couple’s 9-year-old twins, “used to sit and cry to me that she didn’t understand and thought it was her fault,” says Stephanie. “I would always tell her, ‘It’s not your fault, it’s just something that happened. Mommy and Daddy will tell you more.'” But Jon and Kate can’t even stomach being around each other. As a result, their kids — twins Cara and Mady, and the 5-year-old sextuplets — have been left confused and traumatized. “Some of the younger children once asked me, ‘Are you going to be our new mommy?'” Stephanie says. “They don’t know better.”

And the children are also coping with the loss of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 crew in the wake of Jon’s unilateral decision to shut down the show. “Kate says the kids miss the crew,” says Stephanie. “They grew up around them and loved interacting with the crew. I’m sure the kids are devastated.”

I just wonder who is with the kids all the time. I mean I know that Kate is there, but she’s also pursuing all her options. She wants love, fame and to be a mom to 8 and I’m sure their are other things she thinks she deserves.

Oy, it’s such a mess.


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