Gosselin Kids Expelled from School -- Who's to Blame?


Kate Gosselin & KidsGasp! Two of Jon and Kate Gosselin’s six-year-olds have been expelled from their private Pennsylvania school, apparently due to behavioral problems like bullying and rage. It seems natural to point to Jon and Kate’s divorce as the reason why the Gosselin kids are acting out. I mean, that seems pretty obvious right? Maybe.

Or maybe, the Gosselin kids are being just that — kids. You can play the blame game or  you can accept that these things happen in childhood, especially when there are clear family stresses. No, not every kid gets expelled from school. I’m happy to say I never did get expelled in my youth. But more important than blaming Jon and Kate’s parenting strategy or their divorce for that matter is acknowledging the Gosselin kids’ behavior and what it might mean for them. They already live in the shadows of their parents and the drama that surrounds them. Maybe in this situation, we need to focus on the kids.

Regardless of the reason for the kids’ behavior (which has been deemed worthy of expulsion), they have allegedly behaved badly in the face of those reasons. And if this is a manifestation of how they’re feeling in the midst of all this divorce-craziness, I think it is important to focus on how they can be helped and paid more attention to in a positive way — one that will help them through all of their family problems instead of further them.

What do you think about the Gosselin kids getting expelled? Do you blame Jon and Kate? Do you even care about blame?

-Marisa DeSisto