Gosselin Kids Lose Their Innocence


gosselin-kids-jon-and-kate-plus-8-5037481-320-317Jon & Kate’s kids have had such a tough year that they’ve lost all their innocence. The kiddies have been told that there is no such thing as Santa Claus.

The twins were told a couple of years ago that he didn’t exist and now they’ve gone and ruined it for the sextuplets.

So the twins ruined it for the sextuplets and the sextuplets are ruining it for all the kids at school.

I guess Jon said this in an interview a couple of months ago, but now as we get closer to the holidays, it just seems so sad that you have to watch out for the other kids at school.

If you want your kids to continue to believe you might have to have a talk before each holiday season. You know, just in cases.

P.S. I know I put cases. I just watched Love Actually and I love Aurelia.

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