Gosselin News: the Holiday Album and the Chicken Coop


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Yesterday, the internet was abuzz with news that Kate Gosselin was recording a Christmas album (because the peeps are hungry for any Gosselin news, it seems). Today, a rep for Kate responds to and insists that there is no album in the works. What is in the works? That Gosselin chicken coop Kate and the kids have been constructing. Here’s why Kate’s doing it:

Accoding to Us, she wants to ensure that her kids have fresh, organic eggs to eat. The kids will be helping raise the chicks, on camera at least.

Here’s the rub: the eggs likely won’t be “organic,” since getting a farm, or backyard, certified as organic is a pricey, lengthy process. That’s why a lot of great farms can’t officially use the “Organic” label. Also, my kids eat locally raised, super-fresh eggs that we don’t farm ourselves. The farmer’s market, and even are nearby grocery store, carry local fresh chemical-and-hormone free eggs. Not cheap, but probably cheaper than erecting an entire coop (depending on how many eggs her kids eat, and the coop produces), for the first year, at least.

Kudos to Kate, though, for her efforts. I’m certainly looking forward to chicken-coop antics that are sure to ensue.

PHOTO: Bauer-Griffin

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