Gosselins: Jon Wants Friendship With Kate



Jon Gosselin, who is single and estranged from his wife Kate, wants to remain friendly with her.  He wants them to be close for the sake of their eight children.

Can Jon and Kate achieve that?  With Jon’s recent actions, it will definitely take work, but it is possible.

According to the father of Lindsay Lohan, Michael Lohan, Jon wants to remain close to his soon-to-be ex-wife.

“He would love to be friends with her,” said Lohan, who has been showing Gosselin around the Hamptons lately.  “They had eight kids and he would like to work things out right away and just be friends.”

Lohan says his new pal is in great spirits these days. “He’s fantastic and upbeat and said that he just wanted to concentrate on his kids and career and his life.  It’s overwhelming for him but he’s handling it.”

Michael Lohan claims Jon is not with either Hailey Glassman or Kate Major, who he took to the Hamptons.  “He’s not with either one right now.  He’s not concentrating on a relationship with any woman.  He just wants to take a step back and deal with his family and his kids.”

Hey, maybe Jon is getting a clue!