GQ Glee Controvery - Dianna Agron Breaks Character for Apology


gq glee photosGlee star Dianna Agron is the only member of the cast stepping up to say that she’s sorry about the new GQ photospread.    With her apology, Dianna breaks character with her alter-ego Quinn Fabray.  If she and her co-stars had broken character a bit sooner they wouldn’t be facing the current backlash hitting them today.

It would be one thing if the stars of Glee had opted to show off their more grown-up sides if they had taken a step away from the high-school characters.  It’s the fact that these actors (who are all of legal age) are posing in high-school garb in a high-school setting that is rubbing parents the wrong way.

 Agron, 24, posted an apology to anyone who finds the images inappropriate on her blog writing, “In the land of Madonna, Britney, Miley, Gossip Girl, other public figures and shows that have pushed the envelope and challenged the levels of comfort in their viewers and fans … we are not the first. Now, in perpetuating the type of images that evoke these kind of emotions, I am sorry. If you are hurt or these photos make you uncomfortable, it was never our intention.”

It may seem that if she had broken a bit sooner (like before the risque photos were taken) Dianna could have skipped the controversy completely.

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