GQ Glee Photo Shoot: The Cast Is Underclothed and Overexposed

Glee GQ Photos
GQ "Glee" photo shoot: Are these actors overexposed?

So perhaps the most bothersome thing about the controversial GQ “Glee” photo shoot isn’t the pictures themselves (my greatest protest is that Cory Monteith is fully clothed while Lea Michele and Dianna Argon prance around in their underwear not cool, GQ). It’s the fact that, one month into the season, “Glee” has become totally overexposed.

Between the Britney Spears episode, the “Rocky Horror” episode, the “Glee”-themed books that hit stores this summer, the “Glee” clothing line at Macy’s, the “Oprah” appearance, the nationwide tour, the CDs and the near-constant media coverage, I’m getting a little sick of the show, whether the stars have their clothes on or off.

Sheesh, this is not even the first time Lea Michele has taken off her shirt for a magazine shoot she appeared topless in the November edition of the U.K.’s Marie Claire.

All this is not to dispute the genius that is “Glee” … but I’m not the only one who’s noted that this season has been a little off key. Maybe it’s time to ramp down the exposure and put the focus back where it belongs on the brilliant storytelling and flawless acting that made us fall in love with the show about these pitch-perfect teens in the first place.

Photo: GQ