GQ Glee Photos: Glee Cast Is More Than Old Enough For Racy Photos

GQ Glee Photo Shoot
GQ Glee Photo Shoot: Cast Members Old Enough To Pose For Photos

In the grand scheme of things, the GQ Glee Photos really shouldn’t be such a big deal to people. Even though the Glee cast members pictured on the GQ cover and inside the magazine portray high school kids on TV, the actors are more than old enough to pose for racy photos if they so choose.

Lea Michele and Diana Agron are both 24 years old, and Cory Monteith is 28. Since all three of these actors are full-grown adults, it makes the GQ Glee Photos controversy less of a shock. After all, young stars in their twenties choosing to bare some skin for a photo shoot isn’t exactly a brand new publicity trick.

Instead of criticizing the Glee cast for posing for the racy GQ Glee Photos, maybe people should ask the Glee producers why they selected such older actors to play the roles of teenage kids.

Whether the photos bother you or not, age definitely had something to do with these photos being deemed acceptable to print. If those actors were in their teens, I seriously doubt that the photo shoot would’ve taken place.

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