Grammy Awards 2011 - Selena Gomez Dodges the Justin Bieber Question on the Red Carpet

Grammys 2011
Selena Gomez Talks Bieber at Grammys

Selena Gomez artfully dodged the Justin Bieber romance question on the red carpet at tonight’s 2011 Grammy Awards.  Selena was on hand to be a presenter at tonight’s awards when she faced off against Ryan Seacrest on E!’s red carpet.  

For the most part Seacrest stuck to Selena’s gorgeous gold gown and talked about her upcoming single.  Ryan then promised to be ‘vague’ when asking about Justin steering the questions to his movie Never Say Never.  Selena raved about the film saying, “I liked it because it wasn’t a concert movie, it was a documentary.  I really  liked how they told his story.  I thought he was so relatable.” 

Of course, Ryan couldn’t completely avoid the romance questions (even if he promised the PR folks he would!) as he raved that the film raked in $30 million in its opening weekend.   Ryan then ended the interview saying,  “Somebody should be taking you to dinner tomorrow night.  That’s all I’m saying.”  Selena only smiled and headed on down the red carpet.

Hm…. doesn’t sound like a denial now does it!