Grammys Going Old: How Old Is Barbara Streisand? How Old Is Mick Jagger?

How old is Mick Jagger
How old is Mick Jagger?

The 2011 Grammys had it all. While some fans were tuning in to watch young Justin Bieber, we also saw Barbara Streisand and Mick Jagger.

Just how old is Barbara Streisand? And how old is Mick Jagger?

Barbara Streisand and Mick Jagger are pretty much music legends. Barbara Streisand is 68 and Mick Jagger is 67.  They are old enough to be Justin Bieber’s grandparents!

For those of you wondering how old some of the other Grammy performers are: Bob Dylan is almost 70 and Eminem is 38.

Music knows no age!

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