Gretchen Jones Wins Project Runway Finale - Toddler Tantrums Make Her the Loser of the Season


gretchen jonesAs parents we try to teach our kids to play nice with others.  Unfortunately in real life, it pays to be a mean girl.  Case in point is designer Gretchen Jones who walked away as the winner of the latest season of Project Runway.    Gretchen made it a point to not make friends and do whatever it took to get ahead during this season’s cycle that culminated with her win during New York Fashion Week.

To be entirely honest, I did like most of Gretchen’s fashions this season.  It was her attitude that I detested. No matter who she interacted with — her fellow contestants, the judges or even lovable Tim Gunn – Gretchen responded with the kinds of attitude that me hope that she would be eliminated just about every week.

The ultimate tipping point came in the Heidi Klum sportswear challenge when Gretchen threw a tantrum worthy of a toddler.  Following some fairly small critiques from Heidi, Gretchen started talking back and even ended up throwing yards of fabric around the workroom.  Coupled with a season worth of snide comments, Gretchen looked for like a kid with a bad attitude and not a winner we want our kids looking up to.  

Gretchen may have walked away with the title of Project Runway winner, but in real life her bad attitude makes her to the loser of the season!

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