Grey's Anatomy: From McDreamy to McSong, Why Are They Ruining The Show?

greys anatomy musical episode
Grey's Anatomy goes musical!

I HATED Grey’s Anatomy Musical Episode!!  There I said it.  It was a disgrace to the show and deserves to get a place in tv history right after Happy Days jumping the shark episode. 

Once upon a time Thursday nights were sacred in my house.  It was a night dedicated to Meredith, Cristina, George, Izzie, and Alex.  It was the one hour a week that no-one dared to utter the words “mom can you….”.  It was Grey’s Anatomy in all of it’s McDreamy glory.  Then they killed George and brought in the Mercy Grace misfits.  Followed by the abrupt exit of Izzie and the mass killing of the Mercy Grace misfits. 

This season Grey’s Anatomy seemed to be getting back on it’s medical drama feet with stories that center on the main characters again.  Meredith is trying to have a baby.  Cristina is coping with post traumatic stress.  Derek is back in the operating room.  Callie and Mark are having a baby.  Now they’re all singing about it….. major misstep!  Don’t get me wrong I love Sara Ramirez’s singing voice, but I’ll by an album not watch her sing from the OR as she fights for life!

What did you think of Grey’s Anatomy’s musical episode?

Photo: ABC